If you have lived in Paramount for any period of time, you are probably no stranger to the bees and wasps. You’ve come to the right place if you’re in need of a Paramount bee removal specialist. Quality One Pest Control has local Paramount bee removal specialists who commit themselves to keeping up to date on the latest, most-effective bee removal methods and techniques in the industry. We provide bee and wasp removal services at both residential houses and commercial buildings.

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Call (562) 513-6702 and let us help protect you from stinging insects.

Our stinging insect experts are experienced with removing honey bees, Africanized bees, wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets. Not only will our Paramount bee removal experts remove the existing threat, but they’ll also help to keep the bees or wasps from coming back in the future. Our experts will also clean-up the mess that the Paramount bees often leave behind. This usually involves removing any nests and waste materials left behind.

We’ve included a list down below of what you need to be aware of when confronted with a bee problem:

  • Do not disturb the bees. Should you find a nest or swarm of bees, retreat. Never ever swat at a bee. If a bee shows up close to you, do not disturb it and it will surely disappear. Africanized killer bees are considerably more aggressive. Though they might look like honey bees, they ought to be avoided at all costs.
  • After you eliminate any stinging insect from your home or business, you must also have the nest and any other remnants removed, or the insect will come back. When getting rates, be sure that the businesses include this service within their quote or it could end up costing you a lot more than you anticipate.
  • After our Paramount bee experts arrive at your residence we’ll make sure that it’s completely sealed off, and that there aren’t any open windows or openings in walls that the bees could enter. It is our goal to make sure that your family and pets are safe.
  • Don’t be fooled by the bee and wasp insecticides available in shops. The in-store products will only have a temporary impact on the bees. They will also not clear away the nest itself, which can be crucial. Also, if the product does not work properly, spraying the bees will undoubtedly enrage them further. As said before, on the whole, bees only attack when they feel threatened. Paramount bee removal is better left to the pros.
  • If you see a nest or swarm, you must not approach it. Africanized bees look much like honey bees, yet are far more aggressive. Assume that all swarms or nests of bees are violent and remain away. Don’t approach the beehive. Bee attacks can be fatal to humans.

We’re not like other Paramount pest control companies. We will never just send out one of our regular pest control techs to deal with your bee or wasp removal. Our Paramount bee removal specialists are actually true authorities within their field and they take it upon themselves to help keep your family safe from the hazards of bees, wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets.

If you have noticed an increase in the amount of Paramount bees you’ve seen near your residence, office or school, then it is a very good sign that there is a swarm of bees in the area. Just one nest of bees will consist of 1000s of bees! We most likely don’t need to tell you how dangerous a bee nest near your property can be to your family and pets.

Sometimes, bees will come to an area before actually setting up a nest. If you can, try to determine if the bees already have developed a nest, or if they are really a swarm that’s going to leave. Make an effort to watch the bees to ascertain if they’re going back to some form of nest. However, ensure you avoid getting too close. You should look at your Paramount bee removal options if it appears that the bees have built a nest.

If you feel bees have built a nest near your property or perhaps you want us to clear out a swarm that is sticking around, give our Paramount bee removal specialists a phone call. Don’t worry, you won’t be required to pay any type of inspection fee. When you call us we’ll ask you some details about your issue so that we can give you an estimate right over the phone. We offer flat-rates so you know precisely how much it’s going to cost. We also guarantee our work, so that you know it will be done right. Call (562) 513-6702 today so we can show you how we’ll earn your business.